Chris Graebner

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Chris Graebner

As a painter, these days I most often do landscapes in oils, however, my background is in botanical art for which the usual mediums are watercolor, ink and colored pencil. So, I have spent time working in those mediums as well as exploring others like cold wax, acrylics, silverpoint and scratchboard. I like the challenge that each new medium brings with it and I enjoy mixing mediums to see what they bring to each other.

My work is constantly moving, changing, evolving. I try new things; some become part of my regular process, some don’t. My newest paintings explore different surfaces and different methods of applying paint. Some of the paintings are on canvas, or linen, or wood panel, and some are on clayboard. Each of these surfaces accepts paint differently and combining their properties with different types of brushes, painting knives and painting mediums can give entirely different results to the same image.

Member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and the American Society of Botanical Artists

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