Eric Saunders

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I first became interested in photography as a kid in grade school. After that, I didn’t do much photography for a long time because I became involved in playing classical piano, which became my focus during preteen and teen years. After studying for a Masters’ degree in music, I worked for many years as a software engineer, using mostly IBM products. I traveled frequently and became interested in photography again; I now work as a fine art photographer full-time.

At first, my inspiration in photography was the “outdoor calendar” type of picture, but with experience I have tried to make my pictures artistically interesting, and more in line with the experience of good performances of my favorite music. Along with that, I continue to learn about photographic technique, in order to communicate my artistic ideas effectively.

I live outside of Chapel Hill, and I participate in various art organizations in the Triangle.

Artist’s Website

Gulls Along Kure Beach

Rectangles – Merit Award – Annual Juried Show: Anything Goes – Litmus Gallery, Raleigh, NC

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