Featured Show

Read what our featured artists say about their work in the Featured Art Exhibit:

may 21 – jun 24
OPENING RECEPTION,  Friday, May 25th, 6 – 9 pm

A potter, a photographer, and a mixed-media artist come together this month as the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts continues its Featured Artist series. Come see new work by Garry Childs, Pat Merriman and Eric Saunders.

Garry Childs writes of his new work, “I have been making a series of pieces in the past few years in which I apply local clays to the surface of my pots to develop complex textures. My new work for this show will combine this technique with the bright colors and carving seen on my planters, vases and bowls.”

Mixed-media artist and founding member, Pat Merriman, describes her inspiration for Combinations: “For this show I have created several collages in response to Our State Magazine. I learned several startling facts about my birth state. One collage focuses on Biltmore School of Forestry. Another portrays a series of old wooden windmills that lined our coast many years ago. It’s always exciting for me to discover obscure facts about North Carolina and to then turn to my canvases to create collages with both printed material and paint.”

Photographer Eric Saunders writes, “For my work Combinationsmeans three different things. It can mean combining complementary or opposing elements in a picture, or combining more than one picture into a collage, or finally combining different digital techniques to manipulate a picture. I have made 10-15 photographic images utilizing all three of these methods, and work in all three methods will be part of the featured artist show.”