Friday, JuLY 28th, 2017 from 6 – 9 pm

The Hillsborough Gallery of Arts continues its Featured Artist series with new works by Nell Chandler, Ali Givens and Michele Yellin.

Nell Chandler writes, “For our show Serious Fun I have created some of my narrative jewelry about relationships, spirituality and just life. I have also made some of my more abstract pieces that have a tailored look. I always enjoy reaching back to my previous techniques and jewelry lines for inspiration, but this year feels different. I find the challenges of the world today burdening my heart. As a reaction to this heaviness, I find myself in the studio making pieces that are more lighthearted and happy.”

Chandler continues, “Serious Fun definitely means something different to me today than when we chose our title last year. The title is both lighthearted and heavy, happy and sad. I now see these two words more as opposites. For this show I find myself creating pieces that are fun, but at the same time solid.”

Fabric artist Ali Givens writes, “For Serious Fun I’ve worked on refining several fabric collages that I began years ago. For some pieces, such as “Orange Peacock” I removed one element, the peacock, from the original quilt and built an entirely new composition. In another work, “Long Afternoon” I simplified the colors to create a completely new feeling. I’ve also revisited my favorite theme for other new work: the still life. Especially fun and challenging for me was incorporating my own interpretations of my fellow artists’ paintings and pottery as elements in my own collages. Being inspired by my friends is always the most fun, serious fun.”

Painter and assemblage artist, Michele Yellin, often begins her work by placing a quote in the underpainting as way to start the process. Color is the language she uses with great boldness to say the things that cannot be expressed in words. As she layers the canvas with color she finds that figures and shapes begin to emerge. Much like a writer developing a cast of characters, she lets these shapes and figures tell her who they are. Michele moves from philosophical to playful with deftness and a strong sense of her own artistic voice.

Yellin writes, “For Serious Fun I have created vibrant paintings and wooden folk art using texture, layers of color, and line. With these elements, I am exploring the reality that is inside the reality we see.”