Our gallery is owned and operated by the artists listed on ARTISTS page. Opportunities arise for new members when a current member departs the gallery. Check out the Benefits and Responsibilities of being a part of Hillsborough Gallery of Arts. Download the following forms. If you would like to be notified when vacancies occur, complete the Waiting List Contact Form.


HISTORY In July 2006, several artists in Hillsborough convened in a space without air conditioning to discuss the possibility of a cooperative gallery. The space would be the beginning ground for the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts. Most of the people in that first meeting stayed with the project through the early conversations and became founding members. Over several weeks research was done on by-laws and structures of co-ops operating in various parts of the country, and a draft was created. The idea was that the artists would pitch in for expenses, run the gallery with the retail help of the bookstore that would sublet the space, and all members would help with hanging, cleaning, and being in the gallery during peak times so artists would be on hand to discuss the work with customers. The emphasis was on cooperation, mutual encouragement, and putting the arts more visibly on the map in Hillsborough.

Through the first year the gallery took much of the form it has today, with monthly shows concentrating on pairs or trios of members, and launched during Hillsborough’s Last Fridays events. The group decided from the start to show all the works blended together, rather than separating the space by artist. The officers changed, some artists left after the first year and others joined. The gallery has grown to absorb the space previously occupied by the book store, gaining a large window and more light, but the spirit of the place remains the same. It’s a joyful space, created and run by artists, and filled with the works of their hands, minds and hearts, taking visible form for viewers and customers.
~ Steve Emery, Founding president