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Jason Smith
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In my pursuit of artistic expression, metal sculpture has been my primary concern. I have worked in various metals over the last 25 years and it has remained best suited for my work because of its strength, malleability and inherent beauty. My sculpture is abstract. The abstract manipulation of form in space to create visual balance, using rhythm, action and movement, combine to create compositions that convey the implied energy found in my work. Metal sculpture allows me to push the limits on my creative freedom. When I bend a piece of steel, or shape a piece of copper, I feel no boundaries. Steel allows me to think big. The process of my work may come from an idea or a concept, but most of the time, the it develops and unfolds as I begin a new project. For me, it allows my art to come from my heart, and not from my head.

So to describe my work, it begins in the scrapyard. I enjoy walking around looking for pieces of metal that move me. It is a process that allows my “creative juices” to flow. I typically build a base or a platform out of steel then start the sculpting process. Steel is my preferred medium, because I find it very forgiving and allows me to bend, shape, and weld it the way I want it. I also enjoy incorporating copper into my sculptures because it is very malleable. I have chosen to primarily work with both steel and copper due to the way that they contrast against each other. My hope as I continue to grow as an artist, is that any person who views my sculptures becomes entranced by my passion, and that conversations are evoked.

Jason will be a Fea­tured Artist at HGA in April, PARALLEL PLAY, open­ing recep­tion, April 28th, 6–9 pm.

Awards & Upcoming Exhibits
3rd Place – 2016 Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition, Lakeland, FL.

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