Michele Yellin

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Michele YellinFor me, painting is a metaphor for life. Much of the process—like much of living—is about joy and beauty and story. But it is also about not being too attached to things, and knowing that letting go of one thing creates a place for something new.

Primarily I work in acrylics and ink and water color. Along with using different mediums, I take two different approaches depending on my mood. Some paintings are carefully planned while other paintings evolve organically. Texture and color suggest shapes and spaces, much like cloud watching. I paint the things I imagine that I see. Through this process, the painting begins to tell a story. The stories seem familiar yet strange and dreamlike.

I live in downtown Cary with the love of my life, Mike Yellin, our two sons, two cats, two guinea pigs and a beautiful north facing studio where I spend many happy hours creating art.

Artist’s Website

Michele will be a Featured Artist here in July. SERIOUS FUN opening reception is July 28th, 6– 9 pm.

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