Michele Yellin

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Michele YellinFor me, paint­ing is a metaphor for life. Much of the process—like much of living—is about joy and beauty and story. But it is also about not being too attached to things, and know­ing that let­ting go of one thing cre­ates a place for some­thing new.

Pri­mar­ily I work in acrylics and ink and water color. Along with using dif­fer­ent medi­ums, I take two dif­fer­ent approaches depend­ing on my mood. Some paint­ings are care­fully planned while other paint­ings evolve organ­i­cally. Tex­ture and color sug­gest shapes and spaces, much like cloud watch­ing. I paint the things I imag­ine that I see. Through this process, the paint­ing begins to tell a story. The sto­ries seem famil­iar yet strange and dreamlike.

I live in down­town Cary with the love of my life, Mike Yellin, our two sons, two cats, two guinea pigs and a beau­ti­ful north fac­ing stu­dio where I spend many happy hours cre­at­ing art.

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Michele will be a Fea­tured Artist here in July. COLORFUL LANGUAGE open­ing recep­tion is July 29th, 6– 9 pm.

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