Pringle Teetor

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Art has always been a part of my essential being. A former potter, I began my experience as a small child with clay. Trailing behind my mother, who was in art school at Sophie Newcomb in New Orleans, I spent hours playing with clay on an old kick wheel and continued, showing and selling my work through high school. I taught at the San Antonio Art Institute while earning a degree in Studio Art from Trinity University, and continued there for many years after graduation.

My life experiences and artists with whom I have studied and worked have always influenced my art. Living abroad and traveling the world, I used my camera as a tool to express feelings and to communicate familiarity with my subject to others. This became my grail after an accident made working with clay too difficult.

After moving to North Carolina I had the opportunity to try molten glass as a medium. Glassblowing combines science with art. Its properties are at any time hot or cold, fluid or soft, then brittle and hard. This metamorphosis can take place in an instant. Glass can be opaque or transparent, shiny or matte. You use your hand to form it but you can’t touch it. You can work alone or work as a team. It can be physically challenging and exhausting. The connections of color, light, shape and composition provide endless outlets for the creative soul. I am a beginner. I will always be learning.

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Pringle will be a Featured Artist in August. DREAMING IN COLOR, opening reception, Friday, August 26th, 6 –- 9 pm.

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