Eduardo Lapetina

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Eduardo Lapetina

My paint­ings are a way for me to enter the world, not an escape from it. A paint­ing opens a door into a space in which a play may be staged, where plot points, con­flict, cli­max, and res­o­lu­tion all come togeth­er. In the process of cre­ation, a paint­ing becomes a bat­tle­field for my strug­gles about what is, what is not, what ought to be, what I like, what I love, what I hate, frus­tra­tions, dis­en­chant­ment, embar­rass­ments. My art expos­es to the world my most pri­vate thoughts and feel­ings, form­ing a spa­tial con­nec­tion between what lives with­in me and what is alive in every­one else.

I want my spaces to be paint­ed with­out inten­tion, with­out con­scious tech­nique, with­out any­thing that might inter­fere with the con­nec­tions I seek to cre­ate. I do not want to keep a tra­di­tion. I am not look­ing for beau­ty but the view­er might find it in my art. And it is not about any par­tic­u­lar theme or motif, it is about effec­tive­ly con­vey­ing the imma­te­r­i­al through mate­ri­al­i­ty. My aim is to project ener­gy, visu­al vibra­tions, light, voices,excitement, and enthu­si­asm, cap­tured in a phys­i­cal form that you can take home with you.

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Singing Away on the Wings of a New Day II

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