Eduardo Lapetina

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Eduardo LapetinaMy ambi­tion with my paint­ings is to use sym­bol­ic shapes and col­ors to express my deep­est emo­tions and pas­sion for life. This leads me to apply paint to the can­vas in unusu­al ways — by pour­ing, splash­ing, drip­ping, and scratch­ing. My paint­ings also require lay­ers upon lay­ers of paint to cre­ate a sen­su­ous and tur­bu­lent sur­face tex­ture that is as vital and as com­pli­cat­ed as life itself. I use col­or to allure an imag­i­na­tive and sub­tle spa­tial elu­sive­ness. My abstract expres­sions are the prod­uct of many days of work­ing and rework­ing.

The steps lead­ing to my abstract paint­ings are the art of hid­ing and dis­clos­ing. It is the dis­cov­ery of mys­ter­ies of the sub­con­scious mind that are part of my own per­son­al leg­end. Per­son­al­i­ty counts. These abstrac­tions hold the promise of dreams, visions, fears, intan­gi­bles, and will. It is a col­lab­o­ra­tion of mind and spir­it. It is a form of mag­ic that may speak both to you and for you with a pri­vate, secret, con­fi­den­tial lan­guage. They also require some­thing from the view­er; it demands con­tem­pla­tion, study, feel­ing, and flights of fan­cy.
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Singing Away on the Wings of a New Day II

Eduar­do will be a Fea­tured Artist in March. LET THE RIVER ANSWER. Open­ing Fri­day, March 31, 6–9.

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