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Ellie ReinholdFor sev­er­al years I have been fol­low­ing two par­al­lel paths in my paint­ing; one is fig­u­ra­tive, the oth­er is informed by, if not strict­ly tied to, land­scape. My fig­u­ra­tive work is nar­ra­tive in nature and explores emo­tion­al, inner expe­ri­ences using sparse icon­ic imagery, col­or and brush­work. This work has been var­i­ous­ly described as “soul­ful”, “dream-scapes”,“internal land­scapes”, and art you can “feel in your gut”. Per­haps all apply.

My involve­ment with land­scape was sparked by a par­tic­u­lar expe­ri­ence in my local land­scape sev­er­al years ago. I was over­whelmed by fall foliage col­or that absolute­ly demand­ed to be expressed in the stu­dio. Man­i­fest­ed as an intense phys­i­cal pres­sure in my chest and an absolute obses­sion with being IN the col­or, I could­n’t do any­thing but deal with it! So I turned myself loose in a series of small paint­ings with col­or and paint­ing knives (the col­or want­ed to go on thick­ly and loose­ly). The focus here was col­or, pat­tern, tex­ture and the like. While some­times these pieces are instant­ly rec­og­niz­able as land­scape, at oth­er times the idea of land­scape sim­ply pro­vid­ed a loose struc­ture or scaf­fold with­in which to explore. In oth­er words, the pieces might be more, or less, abstract. This body of work also grew to include for­ays out of land­scape to become a place for explo­ration into a vari­ety of areas, such as sur­face texture.

Ini­tial­ly I thought I’d get this out of my sys­tem quickly–just a hic­cup in the stu­dio. But, while I still con­tin­ue with my fig­u­ra­tive paint­ings, the landscape/abstracts have con­tin­ued, lead­ing to a sep­a­rate body of work. For now, my fig­u­ra­tive and land­scape work remain sep­a­rate, but per­haps one day they will merge.

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Here what Ellie has to say about her work in the show, Out of the Woods: