Ellie Snow

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Ellie Snow Artist Statement

Though I’m a life-long art lover and studi­er, I did­n’t begin paint­ing in earnest until the Pan­dem­ic. I sud­den­ly had two small chil­dren at home to care for, edu­cate and keep safe. My world shift­ed dra­mat­i­cal­ly and the well­be­ing of my fam­i­ly (and myself) was my main focus. To sort through all the com­pli­cat­ed feel­ings I had, I began paint­ing crowd­ed gar­dens, suf­fo­cat­ing in relent­less growth, with an unnamed dark­ness lurk­ing. I fig­ured if I could­n’t make sense of the world, con­trol it, or even keep my chil­dren safe with­in it, I could at least cre­ate some­thing in spite of it all. As time went on, my art prac­tice grew and I’m work­ing to cre­ate a life with art at the cen­ter. My works con­tin­ue to use land­scape and the nat­ur­al world as metaphor, and they often feel dream-like. I enjoy explor­ing themes around par­ent­ing, men­tal ill­ness, and the beau­ty within.

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