Evelyn Ward

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I tru­ly enjoy mak­ing pots. I love the chal­lenge of mak­ing a good, use­ful pot that some­one will enjoy using every day. When I sit at my wheel each day I try to focus on how this piece will be used… how the rim will feel against the lip, if the han­dle will be com­fort­able to the hand and if this pot’s form will hold someone’s inter­est years from now.

Recent­ly I start­ed work­ing with earth­en­ware and col­ored slips. This new evo­lu­tion is real­ly excit­ing for me, I’ve been able to bring pots to life that had been float­ing around in my head for quite some time.





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Eve­lyn will be a Fea­tured Artist at HGA in July, LOCAL COLOR open­ing recep­tion,JULY 26th, 6–9 pm.
Mem­ber of Car­oli­na Design­er Crafts­men and Pied­mont Crafts­men guilds.
Received the 2012 Jan Gregg Award at the 43rd Annu­al Fine Design­er Crafts Show.

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