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Read what a few of our mem­bers have to say about the exhib­it.

This is our online Fea­tured Show. Of course we all miss attend­ing the Last Fri­day cel­e­bra­tions in Hills­bor­ough, and we look for­ward to doing them again lat­er this year. But our artists are still cre­at­ing new art and this Fea­tured Show open­ing online on Fri­day, May 29th, brings excit­ing new works.

Chris Graeb­n­er states her work goes back and forth between botan­i­cal and non-botan­i­cal sub­jects, often based on her trav­els. ” I find I enjoy trav­el­ing most in ret­ro­spect, and paint­ing is a big part of the rea­son for that. Going through my pho­tos and choos­ing ones that evoke a par­tic­u­lar time and place helps me to recall a place more deeply. The paint­ings in this show are of places, for­eign and domes­tic, that Brooks and I vis­it­ed in the last eight years. Brooks keeps a dai­ly trav­el jour­nal, but I’m not that orga­nized. I rely on the date and place stamps on my pho­tos, know­ing that as with most tech­nol­o­gy, they are rather ephemer­al. My paint­ings are my mem­oirs.”


Michael Sale­mi remark, “usu­al­ly, wood­turn­ers behave like sculp­tors – they remove the wood that “does­n’t belong” to reveal a pleas­ing shape. But for this show, I have new pieces that are ‘con­struc­tive.” I make turn­ing blanks by cast­ing epoxy resin around inter­est­ing pieces of wood and turn those blanks with an eye toward cre­at­ing beau­ti­ful mar­gins between the epoxy and the wood. The result­ing pieces can be bowl forms, plates, vas­es, box­es or wall hang­ings. This new turn­ing pro­gram allows me to cre­ate col­or con­trasts between the nat­ur­al col­ors of the woods I use and the epoxy. I espe­cial­ly like con­trast­ing the dark browns of Cal­i­for­nia Man­zani­ta with sea green and blue.


Jason Smith’s is an award win­ning sculp­tor whose pieces are col­lect­ed both domes­ti­cal­ly and inter­na­tion­al­ly. “I draw my inspi­ra­tion from nature with an empha­sis on abstract and Asian inspired designs.These designs cre­ate visu­al bal­ance using rhythm, action and move­ment, com­bine to cre­ate com­po­si­tions that con­vey the implied ener­gy found in my work.”

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