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mar 25 — apr 21, 2019
RECEPTION Friday, Mar 29, 6:00 — 9:00 pm

The Hills­bor­ough Gallery of Arts begins its Fea­tured Artists series this year with new work by Ari­an­na Bara, Eduar­do Lapeti­na, and Michael Sale­mi: a jew­el­er, a painter, and a wood­turn­er.
Wood­turn­er, Michael Sale­mi, writes of his new work: “Whis­pers and echoes—small sounds with rever­ber­a­tions that are heard again and again. This is an apt metaphor for my recent work.  Of late, I am focus­ing on mak­ing sub­tle changes in form, col­or and mate­r­i­al that I hope res­onate through­out my work. In some work my echoes are literal—repeating pat­terns with­in a piece or through­out a group of pieces. In oth­er pieces, the echoes are fig­u­ra­tive as I attempt to incor­po­rate design fea­tures that I have learned from oth­ers. Whis­pers are, of their nature, qui­et. I like to think that my work qui­et­ly con­veys a sense of bal­ance and peace. I pre­fer under­stat­ed dec­o­ra­tion that whis­pers rather than shouts.”

Eduar­do Lapeti­na writes, “I want my spaces to be paint­ed with­out inten­tion, with­out con­scious tech­nique, with­out any­thing that might inter­fere with the con­nec­tions I seek to cre­ate. I do not want to keep a tra­di­tion. I am not look­ing for beau­ty, but the view­er might find it in my art. My work is not about any par­tic­u­lar theme or motif, it is about con­vey­ing the imma­te­r­i­al through mate­ri­al­i­ty. My aim is to project ener­gy, visu­al vibra­tions, light, voic­es, excite­ment, and enthusiasm–captured in a phys­i­cal form that you can take home with you.”

Work­ing with ster­ling sil­ver and stones, Ari­an­na Bara describes the inspi­ra­tion for her new work, “Some of my favorite designs are inspired by ancient art, by peo­ple we know lit­tle about whose lives were lived in rhythm with the sea­sons and who revered the earth as a sacred moth­er. They carved and paint­ed fig­ures, ani­mals and oth­er sym­bols into cave walls, stand­ing stones and tem­ples. They cre­at­ed grand large-scale carv­ings and small mod­est ones that have been dis­cov­ered buried in hearths and grain bins. Much is unknown about these ear­ly peo­ples but the whis­pers and echoes of their lives fas­ci­nate me.”