Featured Art Exhibit: 

Read about how the exhib­it STRUCTURE came to be. 

This is our online Fea­tured Show. Of course we all miss attend­ing the Last Fri­day cel­e­bra­tions in Hills­bor­ough, and we look for­ward to doing them again lat­er this year. But our artists are still cre­at­ing new art and this Fea­tured Show open­ing online on Fri­day, Octo­ber 30th, brings excit­ing new works by Lin­da Carmel, Ellie Rein­hold and Eve­lyn Ward.

LINDA CARMEL cre­ates a struc­ture on can­vas with acrylic mod­el­ing paste, using palate knives, small tools, lace and sten­cils. Acrylic paint is added in lay­ers cre­at­ing a touch­able sur­face.  Her paint­ings com­ment oncur­rent social con­di­tions. “I’ve con­tin­ued to focus on our plan­et’s health as well as the safe­ty of our homes -now our sanc­tu­ar­ies in a very real sense.” In this tumul­tuous year, Carmel says that it has been hard to stayfocused.  “There has been a lot of sec­ond-guess­ing and do-overs! I am usu­al­ly a very orga­nized per­son but I have found it hard­er to keep struc­ture in my days while the world around me feels so uncer­tain.”

ELLIE  REINHOLD  says “Many peo­ple, are iso­lat­ed at home, hav­ing lost the abil­i­ty to roam safe­ly in the world. About a year ago I lost my stu­dio of 2 decades and moved mywork­ing space home. These events and oth­er more per­son­al loss­es have nar­rowed my focus and shift­ed mywork. There is a tiny old play struc­ture in my back yard that I pass every day when I head to the woods towalk. I have a full view of it from my home stu­dio. It has been in my paint­ings before, but now it dom­i­natesmy field of view. My new work cap­tures this lit­tle build­ing in dif­fer­ent moods and sea­sons, hold­ing someof my feel­ings from these strange days.”

Eve­lyn Ward : Hand­made pot­tery con­nects us with the mak­er every time we use it.   I’m cur­rent­lywork­ing with earth­en­ware clay because I love the rich col­or of the clay show­ing through on the sur­faces ofthe pots.” Using a tech­nique called mono­print­ing, Ward cuts out a design from paper coat­ed with col­oredslip. “Once the slip has dried a lit­tle, I put it on the pot, paper and all. When the slip has adhered to the pot, Ipull the paper off to reveal the design. Not all of the slip sticks, leav­ing the sur­face with an imper­fecttex­ture. I love those imper­fec­tions, and the clean lines and the print­ed qual­i­ty I get from this process.”


Hills­bor­ough Gallery of Arts, 121 N. Chur­ton St., Hills­bor­ough, NC 27278    DIRECTIONS   919–578‑5001