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This is our online Fea­tured Show. Of course we all miss attend­ing the Last Fri­day cel­e­bra­tions in Hills­bor­ough, and we look for­ward to doing them again lat­er this year. But our artists are still cre­at­ing new art and this Fea­tured Show open­ing online on Fri­day, August 28th, brings excit­ing new works by Lolette Guthrie, Mar­cy Lans­man and Pringle Tee­tor. 

The paint­ings of LOLETTE GUTHRIE’S are depic­tions of her mem­o­ries of coastal North Car­oli­na. “As I now shel­ter in place, I enjoy remem­ber­ing the beau­ty of the land­scape, the space, the light, the atmos­phere, the weath­er.
begin every paint­ing with a gen­er­al idea of time and place and then I let it tell me where and how far to go. While I some­times look at pho­tos to get a start­ing point, I find myself see­ing and feel­ing what I want to paintin my mind’s eye putting down on can­vas what I remem­ber.I amnev­er sure of the end result because at some point eachpaint­ing takes on a life of its own, anexpe­ri­ence both exhil­a­rat­ing and, at times, con­fus­ing. Long inter­est in com­po­si­tion, col­or rela­tion­ships and the edges of a piece, has led me to cre­ate a series of abstrac­tions of the coastal sky by itself.
I am enjoy­ing seeing if I can make pieces with­out any fore­ground at all that will still evoke a sense weath­er, time of daytem­per­a­ture and beau­tyWhile all my work is out­side the lines in that it’s pri­mar­i­ly derived from mem­o­ry, these abstrac­tions tru­ly are in every sense.”
MARCY LANSMAN has this to say about her show’s new works. “What’s new about my work for this show? Every­thing! I’ve nev­er done land­scapes before. I’ve nev­er used the palette knife before. And I’ve nev­er con­sid­ered myself an impres­sion­ist.
This past fall, just for the fun of it, took a course in palette knife paint­ing. The tech­nique grabbed hold of me. It demand­ed that I let go of all attempts a pre­ci­sion. (Hence, “Out­side the Lines.”) And it was par­tic­u­lar­ly suit­ed to cap­tur­ing the sparkling fall col­ors I was see­ing out­side. Now, dur­ing the social iso­la­tion imposed by Covid19, morn­ing walks in the woods have been my escape. Dur­ing the rest of the day, while we have been shut up in our apart­ment, I have con­tin­ued to use the palette knife to paint the scenes I see dur­ing my morn­ing walks. I hope you enjoy the results.”
PRINGLE TEETOR states that this past year for me was very much “Outside  theLines. In August of 2019, she had surgery to repair major wear and tears to my shoul­der and bicep.
“I knew that a full recov­ery would take a year but that I would be able to work on small things by Decem­ber, and hope­ful­ly larg­er things by March, as long as I had help. In Jan­u­ary and Feb­ru­ary, we rebuilt our fur­nacewhich we usu­al­ly do in August. We final­ly went hot in late March. Then Covid hit. Alas, work­ing from home and social­ly dis­tanc­ing is not pos­si­ble for glass­blowingFor­tu­nate­ly, I was able to make fused pieces and jew­el­ry at home dur­ing the shut­down to keep my mind going in the right direc­tion.
Before we turned off the fur­nace for repairs in Jan­u­ary, I had fun in the stu­dio using my mul­ti­col­oredglow in the dark mur­ri­ni I make to cre­ate my “Dauphin Island Sea Pods, but in a new sculp­tur­al way. Many of the pieces are not encased and are very tac­tile, view­able from all angles. Once I was back in the stu­dio when things start­ed open­ing up, I felt like I was learn­ing to blow glass all over again! I care­ful­ly made a few pieces by myself but I did not want to risk re-injury before I was 100%. I then switched to mak­ing tum­blers and sun catch­ers, which I knew I could do alone. Tum­blers are a lot like playing scales on the piano for prac­tice and it was just what I need­ed. Fun funky tum­blers, no two are alike but all are hand­made. Sun catch­ers for your win­dows to sparkle in the sun­light. We are now spend­ing so much time at home, why not add a lit­tle col­or to your life. Let’s all hope for a healthy 2021to every­one!”


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