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Read about how the artist feel about the upcom­ing exhib­it INTANGIBLES

Susan Hope: I believe that, just as beau­ti­ful music is pro­duced by notes (sound vibra­tions) as they har­mo­nize togeth­er, so too is a beau­ti­ful song cre­at­ed when col­ors (light vibra­tions) har­mo­nize. While I cleaned a box of glass res­cued from a soon-to-be barn repair, I dis­cov­ered songs just wait­ing to be writ­ten in light. The pat­tern isn’t as impor­tant as the col­or, so my vision was one of sim­plic­i­ty. Adding the mag­ic of the sun, the secret rela­tion­ship between glass and light is revealed. Each piece in my series has a dif­fer­ent ‘feel’…a dif­fer­ent ‘vibe’. They were a joy to cre­ate and I hope they bring the same joy to the view­er. I hope you hear the songs.

Alice Levin­son:  My process in art-mak­ing for VISIONS, par­al­leled liv­ing through the stages of the pan­dem­ic. For many months my ener­gies were focused on the basics of health and well-being. Art-mak­ing was dis­placed and the stu­dio sat emp­ty and still. I returned to work­ing with small stut­ter-steps, slow­ly re-enter­ing the expe­ri­ence of cre­ative work. I grad­u­al­ly, stitch by stitch, regained the rhythm of work and as I did it became more com­plex and adven­tur­ous. As always, I am inspired and guid­ed by the cloth. The works vary in theme, tech­nique, and palette. Each marks a step in my jour­ney back into art-mak­ing.  In the stu­dio, as in life, I am curi­ous and now eager for what comes next.

Jude Lobe: I’ve noticed that peri­ods of ques­tion­ing in your life are usu­al­ly pro­voked by changes that hap­pen around you. Maybe chil­dren mov­ing out on their own, being laid off from a job, some­one dying. I did­n’t have any major changes in my life this past year. It was the rou­tine-ness that pro­voked me to pause, reflect and ques­tion what life is about and how I want­ed to fit in. So I decid­ed to stop and to look inward. For four­teen days I took 30 min­utes to sit and try to think of noth­ing. It turns out that is a hard thing to do. I let images come and go. After each ses­sion I sketched the images that appeared and flew away. The art­works in this exhib­it, VISIONS, are of those images.



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