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NELL CHANDLER: For years and years I used a lot of etch­ing in my work. A few years ago I lost the abil­i­ty to etch the way I used to. The title of our show, Fig­ure and Ground, inspired me to go back through some box­es of old etched plates. In the pile of metal I found a lot of lit­tle etched fig­ures I then pulled out and dust­ed off. I sawed the lit­tle fig­ures out and sol­dered them to some ster­ling ear­rings and embell­ished them with dif­fer­ent lit­tle shapes and tex­tures in met­al. They rep­re­sent the fig­ure half.It was sug­gest­ed that two of the three artist in our show were “fig­ure” and our pot­ter rep­re­sent­ed the “ground”. I can relate to both fig­ure and ground as met­al too comes from the ground. I have been explor­ing dif­fer­ent tech­niques in enam­el­ing for the past few years and have con­tin­ued to do so for this show. Enam­els are much relat­ed to the earth also and the more I explore the dif­fer­ent tech­niques and col­ors through enam­el­ing the big­ger that world gets.I havealways enjoyed the way we can put a title ona fea­tured artist show and it will influ­ence the bud­ding of a brand new direc­tion. I have enjoyed work­ing with fig­ures again but in a brand new way. 

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EVELYN WARDMy work for this show is the result of what’s been evolv­ing in my stu­dio over the win­ter. As with every­thing in my work, it’s been a slow evo­lu­tion refin­ing forms, devel­op­ing a few new slip col­ors but always work­ing with­inthe same frame­work. In rela­tion to the title of our show: Fig­ure & Ground, I’ve been play­ing with the use of neg­a­tive space, some­times flip­ping the col­ors used on two pots and then see­ing how that effects the over­all pieces, espe­cial­ly in rela­tion to eachoth­er. It’s been an inter­est­ing and infor­ma­tive exer­cise. I hope you enjoy the new work that has sur­faced these last cou­ple of months!



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