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Our title Resur­faced inspired a num­ber of mind­ful direc­tions and ideas. I thought of the dif­fer­ent sur­faces I have used in my work and the new tech­niques and sur­faces I have been inspired to try with each Fea­tured Artists Show in years past. I also thought of Resur­faced as a chance to con­cen­trate on how we have spent more than a year in a weird and dif­fer­ent uni­verse and how we don’t even know the way our lives will be “Resur­faced” once we tru­ly head back in. I found myself revis­iting pre­vi­ous sur­face tech­niques on my jew­el­ry for our show and for fun I am cre­at­ing a cou­ple of paint­ings on the sub­ject of resur­fac­ing our lives I’m call­ing “Going Back In.”

EVELYN WARD:This past year has been full of changes. Last fall I under­went brain surgery to deal with a painful facial nervecon­di­tion. I am hap­py to report that the surgery was suc­cess­ful. How­ev­er, dur­ing the lead up to the surgery, myhead was swim­mingwith fear and anx­i­ety. Not only the stress of hav­ing inva­sive surgery but the gen­er­al anx­i­etycaused by the pan­dem­ic.But clay is what kept me ground­ed. My time in the stu­dio, with it’s the famil­iar dai­ly rit­u­als,was a refuge and helpedto cen­ter and keep me focused on the work. Sincereturn­ing to the stu­dio in Feb­ru­ary, I feel like I’m resur­fac­ing fromthose dark, murky waters. My head is clear­ing, the pain is gone, and I have renewed ener­gy for my work. I am stillwork­ing with mono­print­ing but I havebeen exper­i­ment­ing with lay­er­ing under­glazes and find myself drawn to moresub­dued col­ors.I feel like the new work is qui­eter, using lay­ers to build up a more com­plex sur­face. I’m so hap­py to be back at work again inthe stu­dio and I hope you enjoy loo­king at the pots!

Dive down deep
To the still place.
Swim along, amongst dark truths
And flash­es of light, insight.
Breathe deeply.
And dive down deep again.

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