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Read about how the IN THE MAKING exhib­it came to be. 
Painters Sta­cy Cra­bill, and Chris Graeb­n­er and Met­al Sculp­tor Jason Smith have spent the pan­dem­ic think­ing about their rela­tion­ship to the world and their art. This new show is the result of all the time alone in the stu­dio.
Painter Sta­cy Cra­bill is intrigued by can­dy, text and vin­tage pho­tos. “The col­ors and shapes of can­dy, and its pack­ag­ing, has such pow­er over our sens­es. I am con­stant­ly explor­ing the impact of mas­ter­ful mar­ket­ing ver­sus our phys­i­cal response in our desire for sug­ar. Most recent­ly I have incor­po­rat­ed vin­tage images of fig­ures. Pho­tos from the past give us ques­tions about the lives and per­son­al­i­ties of those who came before us. My work strives to com­bine all of these seem­ing­ly unre­lat­ed ele­ments to cre­ate a world in which their rela­tion­ships con­nect in a new space.”

For painter Chris Graeb­n­er doors pro­vide the intrigue. “In the last sev­er­al years I’ve paint­ed a series of doors. I pho­to­graph doors wher­ev­er I trav­el because I find them inter­est­ing both archi­tec­tural­ly and sym­bol­i­cal­ly. Some doors seem to hold a lot of promise — oth­ers not much, but one does­n’t real­ly know before enter­ing.” Two of the doors in the show are from St. Edmunds­bury Cathe­dral in Eng­land. “I’ve paint­ed oth­er doors from this cathe­dral in the past. It’s a trea­sure trove of fas­ci­nat­ing doors, each one dif­fer­ent and all of them intrigu­ing.” Each door holds its own mys­tery.

Met­al sculp­tor Jason Smith was born and raised In Clear­wa­ter, FL but now resides in Hills­bor­ough, NC.  His pur­suit of artis­tic expres­sion has spanned near­ly 30 years and he feels very blessed to be able to make a liv­ing as an artist. Jason is an award-win­ning sculp­tor whose work is col­lect­ed both domes­ti­cal­ly and inter­na­tion­al­ly. Met­al remains his medi­um due to its strength, mal­leabil­i­ty and inher­ent beau­ty. Jason’s sculp­ture is abstract. The manip­u­la­tion of form in space cre­ate visu­al bal­ance, using rhythm, action and move­ment com­bined to cre­ate com­po­si­tions that con­vey the implied ener­gy found in his work.

In The Mak­ing will run both online and in the gallery from April 30th to May 23rd.

Hills­bor­ough Gallery of Arts, 121 N. Chur­ton St., Hills­bor­ough, NC 27278    DIRECTIONS   919–578‑5001