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Jason Smith
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In my pur­suit of artis­tic expres­sion, met­al sculp­ture has been my pri­ma­ry con­cern. I have worked in var­i­ous met­als over the last 25 years and it has remained best suit­ed for my work because of its strength, mal­leabil­i­ty and inher­ent beau­ty. My sculp­ture is abstract. The abstract manip­u­la­tion of form in space to cre­ate visu­al bal­ance, using rhythm, action and move­ment, com­bine to cre­ate com­po­si­tions that con­vey the implied ener­gy found in my work. Met­al sculp­ture allows me to push the lim­its on my cre­ative free­dom. When I bend a piece of steel, or shape a piece of cop­per, I feel no bound­aries. Steel allows me to think big. The process of my work may come from an idea or a con­cept, but most of the time, the it devel­ops and unfolds as I begin a new project. For me, it allows my art to come from my heart, and not from my head.

So to describe my work, it begins in the scrap­yard. I enjoy walk­ing around look­ing for pieces of met­al that move me. It is a process that allows my “cre­ative juices” to flow. I typ­i­cal­ly build a base or a plat­form out of steel then start the sculpt­ing process. Steel is my pre­ferred medi­um, because I find it very for­giv­ing and allows me to bend, shape, and weld it the way I want it. When it comes to cut­ting met­al, par­tic­u­lar­ly steel, it is fair­ly easy if you have the best tools. I also enjoy incor­po­rat­ing cop­per into my sculp­tures because it is very mal­leable. I have cho­sen to pri­mar­i­ly work with both steel and cop­per due to the way that they con­trast against each oth­er. My hope as I con­tin­ue to grow as an artist, is that any per­son who views my sculp­tures becomes entranced by my pas­sion, and that con­ver­sa­tions are evoked.

Jason talks about his process in the show, Con­nect­ing Visions:



Here Jason talk about the show, Out of the Woods.





Awards & Upcom­ing Exhibits
3rd Place — 2016 Flori­da Out­door Sculp­ture Com­pe­ti­tion, Lake­land, FL.