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Jude LobeJude Lobe Artist Statement
Cold Wax & Oil paintings

Cold Wax is my favorite medi­um. I work as a graph­ic design­er and visu­al artist. Nature is my muse. My cold wax paint­ings, enam­els, cop­per and wood sculp­tures are all inspired by the nat­ur­al envi­ron­ment. My desire is to cap­ture the emo­tion of a scene with tex­ture, brush strokes, glazes and col­ors cho­sen from the palette of the envi­ron­ment I’m paint­ing. It’s the mem­o­ry of the place or expe­ri­ence that I want to express. The process begins with a walk out­side, then fol­lowed with quick sketch­es and col­or notes. Then back at the stu­dio I begin to paint the images I remem­ber.

This year my theme con­tin­ues to be earth and sky and the con­nec­tions between us and the nat­ur­al world. Cold wax and oil affords the oppor­tu­ni­ty to bring tex­ture into my paint­ings. It also shows a his­to­ry of the paint­ing by build­ing up lay­ers, obscur­ing what’s beneath, and remov­ing lay­ers to reveal bits of past lay­ers. It rep­re­sents the his­to­ry of a life that becomes the com­pi­la­tion of bits and pieces of it’s past expe­ri­ences. But my attrac­tion to tex­tures is mov­ing me to add more tex­tile to my art. Thus I am adding rust­ed silk to my medi­ums. In these new pieces I am com­bin­ing the cold­ness of rust­ed iron with the warmth of heat­ed forged cop­per, seem­ing­ly oppo­site forces. Two oppo­sites actu­al­ly attract and com­ple­ment each oth­er, exist­ing in har­mo­ny, and they are inter­con­nect­ed in the nat­ur­al world sym­bol­ized by the yin and yang.

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  •  Region In my Mind • Accept­ed in 7th Annu­al Tony Snow: Eye of the Artist Juried Show 2017
  • 1st Place in 2D — Stand­ing Tall — Ala­mance Arti­sans Guild at Cen­ter for Cre­ative Lead­er­ship, 5/2016
  • Beau­ty & the Peace • Accept­ed in Nat’l Juried Show 2015 Bank of the Arts Annu­al Juried Exhi­bi­tion
  • 1st Place — Where Buf­fa­lo Roam • Enam­el and cop­per • Art­Fest 2012 Fine Art Com­pe­ti­tion
  • Cedars Watch­ing Sun­set • Accept­ed in Nat’l Juried Show, Dimen­sions 2012
  • Three art­works pur­chased by Ala­mance Region­al Hos­pi­tal
  • Two works in a Rock­e­feller fam­i­ly col­lec­tion
  • Joe Thomp­son por­trait, Mebane Pub­lic Library

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