Marcy Lansman

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After a career work­ing with words, it was with great joy that I dis­cov­ered that I love to paint.  I began by paint­ing real­is­tic botan­i­cals in water­col­or.  Since then, my paint­ing has become loos­er and more expres­sive.  Most recent­ly I have been using a palette knife with heavy body acrylic paints.  My tech­nique is to put down an under­paint­ing of ran­dom bright col­ors and to super­im­pose on that back­ground a scene from the outdoors.

I do much of my paint­ing ear­ly in the morn­ing.  I have always been an extreme morn­ing per­son.  Before I began to paint, this was a nui­sance.  Now ear­ly morn­ing is the most sat­is­fy­ing part of my day.


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Lis­ten to Mar­cy talk about her work for the show “Out of the Woods.”