Marcy Lansman

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After a career work­ing with words, it was with great joy that I dis­cov­ered that I love to paint.  I began by paint­ing real­is­tic botan­i­cals in water­col­or.  Since then, I have switched to acrylics and my paint­ing has become loos­er and more expres­sive.  Most recent­ly I have been work­ing on what I call the “Not Alone Series,” which fea­tures fig­ures in sil­hou­ette engaged in some

kind of jour­ney or strug­gle.  The series explores the idea that each of us is alone and yet each of us is guid­ed and shaped by the peo­ple around us.

As for process, I do much of my paint­ing very ear­ly in the morn­ing.  I have always been an extreme morn­ing per­son, wak­ing up at what most peo­ple would call the mid­dle of the night.  Before I began to paint, this was a nui­sance.  Now ear­ly morn­ing is the most sat­is­fy­ing part of my day.

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