Michele Yellin

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For me, paint­ing is a metaphor for life. Much of the process, like much of liv­ing, is about joy and beau­ty and sto­ry. But it is also about not being too attached to things, and know­ing that let­ting go of one thing cre­ates a place for some­thing new.

Pri­mar­i­ly I work with acrylic paint on can­vas or board. My paint­ings evolve organ­i­cal­ly. I start by lay­ing down tex­ture and col­or in a freeform way. The tex­tures and col­ors sug­gest shapes and spaces in the under-paint­ing, much like clouds cre­ate shapes in the sky. I draw and paint on the can­vas the things that I see. Some things stay, oth­ers I paint over, devel­op­ing paint­ings that have many lay­ers. Through this process, the paint­ing begins to tell a sto­ry and it is how I dis­cov­er and reveal my inner life. 

Cur­rent­ly I live part-time in Chapel Hill and part-time in Cary. While I am in Wake Coun­ty, you can find me at my stu­dio, #104, in Art­space on East Davie Street in down­town Raleigh.

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