Susan Hope

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Susan HopeArt is all about light and col­or. Out of all the diverse ways of cap­tur­ing these elu­sive ener­gies, I have found glass to be my favorite. Some­times it can be the most chal­leng­ing, con­sid­er­ing the huge ele­ment of sus­pense before open­ing a kiln.

My work has evolved through many dif­fer­ent glass tech­niques. I have found that my great­est grat­i­fi­ca­tion is what I call the ‘impres­sion­ist glass mosa­ic.’  When I am melt­ing glass togeth­er in the kiln or attach­ing pieces of glass to glass or wood, indi­vid­ual dots of col­or ulti­mate­ly pro­duce a rec­og­niz­able pat­tern, image, land­scape or sky. I work with glass in all sizes … from fine pow­der to large chunks. Many lay­ers of glass pro­duce a depth of image that is dif­fi­cult to achieve with oth­er mediums.

There is noth­ing more excit­ing than watch­ing the sun­light have its way with the col­or par­ti­cles. Pure joy.

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Susan speaks about the process she used in mak­ing her glass art for the exhib­it MAKE ROOM FOR JOY: