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Read about how the upcom­ing exhib­it SHARE THE LOVE came to be. 

Hind­sight is 20/20. And so we are all glad to see 2020 leave us and move on to a kinder and gen­tler 2021, hope­ful­ly. We have wit­nessed the best of peo­ple and the worst of people.

One of the best are all the health care work­ers, 1st respon­ders, work­ers and vol­un­teers that have risked their lives to save lives. With so many job loss­es, more per­sons are need­ing the basics to keep them and their fam­i­lies healthy. One place that has done a mirac­u­lous job of feed­ing peo­ple in need are the Food Pantries. They have done it with the sup­port of donations.

The mem­ber­ship, vol­un­teers, and staff of OCIM are com­mit­ted to pro­vid­ing a help­ing hand to those in our com­mu­ni­ty in a cri­sis sit­u­a­tion. And so, as a local art gallery, we decid­ed to donate 50% of our sales in our Jan­u­ary Art exhib­it, SHARE THE LOVE, to the Food Pantry.



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